The Marine Corps recently updated rates to its hazardous duty pay to align with a new law that stipulates officers and enlisted must receive the same monthly pay.

Some officers may see a modest reduction in their pay while some enlisted may get a slight boost, depending on their years of service in the Corps.

The new rates for Crew Member Flight Duty Pay and Combatant Dive Duty were disseminated in a forcewide message Wednesday.

Below is a breakdown and comparison of the changes for Crew Member Flight Duty Pay:

New pay. Years of service, monthly dollar amount:

2 or less: $150

More than 2: $165

More than 4: $190

More than 8: $215

More than 12: $240

Previous pay, enlisted:

E-1: $150

E-2: $150

E-3: $150

E-4: $165

E-5: $190

E-6: $215

E-7/9: $240

Previous pay, officer:

O-1: $150

O-2: $150

O-3: $175

O-4: $225

O-5: $250

O-6: $250

O-7/10: $150

Combatant Dive Duty pay is also changing. Now both officers and enlisted will receive $215 monthly. Previously, with the varied pay system, officers were paid $240 and enlisted received $215 monthly for dive pay.

Student divers will continue to be paid $150 monthly, according to the MARADMIN.

The new pay scheme for hazardous duty pay puts the Corps in compliance with a recent update to Title 37 USC, 351.

The updated law says there can no longer be varied rates of hazardous duty pay for officers and enlisted.

The new pay rates will go into effect on Oct. 1, and Marines will see the changes in their Nov. 1 paycheck.

Shawn Snow is the senior reporter for Marine Corps Times and a Marine Corps veteran.

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