It's the souvenir of a lifetime, and the Internet is just the scrapbook.

Military pilots stateside and abroad have been capturing their best flight selfies with cameras — mainly GoPros — in the cockpit, giving audiences a glimpse of what it's like on high.

While the Federal Aviation Administration has taken a stance on taking photos in the cockpit for commercial pilots, the Defense Department as a whole does not have a specific policy for GoPro cameras — small, mountable cameras used for action — or other selfie measures within its social media guidelines.

However the Air Force, per AFI 35-109, certifies and tests for electromagnetic interference on any camera that would go aboard military aircraft, said Air Force spokeswoman Capt. Brooke Brzozowske.

GoPro Hero, Hero2, Hero3, and some accessories are currently approved cameras, she said.

So far, it seems like pilots have taken selfies only during training exercises, not combat missions.

Here are some of the best pilot selfies and videos U.S. service members have to offer, and some from international military pilots, too.

And watch him launch the missile here.

OK, OK, we have some honorable mentions as well:

BONUS: Sometimes pilots go a little beyond, too. In 2013 this Marine fighter pilot delivered a best man speech for his brother's wedding while in the cockpit of a Harrier flying over Afghanistan.

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