1862: Major General William T. Sherman's forced advance over difficult terrain into a well-prepared defense by Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston at New Hope Church, Georgia, which stopped them in their bloodied tracks the next day, forcing Sherman to try and fight his way around them via Pickett's Mill on the 27th.

Also today in history, in the U.S. and elsewhere:

1644: After forging an alliance with the Manchus, General Wu Sangui opened the gates at Shanhaiguan Pass, allowing the invaders through the Great Wall of China and on the road to conquer Beijing and bring down the Ming Dynasty. Moral (for a certain lover of "big, beautiful walls"): They're only as good as their weakest section…

1862: Major General Thomas J. Jackson and his Confederate "foot cavalry" won the First Battle of Winchester.  Interested in learning more about the battles of Winchester?  Visit HistoryNet.com for more.

1870: Members of the Irish Brotherhood, or Fenians, invaded Quebec, only to be repulsed by Canadian militia at Eccles Hill.

1915: The Second Battle of Ypres ended with nothing significant gained on either side except 105,000 casualties.