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Why swearing is f**king good for you

Humans aren’t the only primates who can curse, but we’re really good at it, as anyone in the military might know.

And, it turns out, it’s good for us.

Cursing can promote teamwork and trust, and even make us more tolerant to pain, according Emma Byrne, author of the new book “Swearing is Good for You.” An interview with Byrne is available on National Geographic.

How can cursing can build teamwork and increase pain tolerance?

“Using swear words appropriate for that person shows how well you know them; and how well you understand their mental model,” Byrne told National Geographic. She also notes that at research shows that people who are swearing can withstand much more pain than people who are otherwise quiet.

More important, other primates can curse?

Yep, chimpanzees taught sign language develop signed swear words that they use not only in their daily lives, but they also teach the signed words to younger chimps.

So, swearing not only builds teamwork and tolerance for pain, it’s arguably in our f**cking nature.

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