NORFOLK, Va. ― A military court hearing is set to begin in Virginia for a U.S. Marine and a Navy SEAL who are charged in the 2017 hazing death of a U.S. Green Beret in Africa.

Monday’s preliminary hearing at Naval Station Norfolk will review the cases against Navy SEAL Tony DeDolph and Marine Mario Madera-Rodriguez. The Article 32 hearing could include evidence and testimony and lead to courts-martial proceedings at a later date.

DeDolph and Madera-Rodriguez are among four U.S. servicemen charged in the strangulation death of Army Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar in Mali.

Marine Staff Sgt. Kevin Maxwell Jr. and SEAL Adam Matthews pleaded guilty to lesser charges and were sentenced to prison.

Matthews testified in May that Melgar’s death was as a botched attempt to “embarrass” him over perceived “slights.”

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