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Tech company expands role in recruiting for Air Force and Marine Corps

Senior enlisted leaders in the Air Force and Marine Corps are utilizing a tech company’s app to send congratulatory messages to service members who have just graduated from boot camp.

The tech company, Sandboxx, allows family members to use their phone or desktop computer to type messages to service members at basic training or who are deployed and have limited contact via phone and email. Sandboxx acts as the middleman and prints out the letter before delivering it to the recruit or service member, a process that Sandboxx claims is typically completed the next business day after submission.

But now, family members aren’t the only ones using the app — senior enlisted leaders are taking advantage of the technology to connect with boot camp graduates, according to Sandboxx.

The tech company reported that incoming Marines received a letter from the 18th Sgt. Maj. of the Marine Corps, Ronald Green in April. Sgt. Maj. Troy Black also sent incoming Marines a letter in the summer when he replaced Green.

Likewise, the incoming airmen received a letter from Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Kaleth Wright in July.

“The feedback from new Marines and Airmen has been incredible and it is a letter that they will cherish forever,” Shane McCarthy, Sandboxx’s chief marketing officer, said in a news release. “In this digital age, a New Marine receiving a signed note the day after they complete the Crucible, or after the Coin Ceremony for the Air Force, is going to leave a lasting positive impression on that new service member and their family.”

Sandboxx was first founded in 2014 by Marine Corps veterans Sgt. Sam Meek and retired Maj. Gen. Ray “E-Tool” Smith to help connect service members to their families. Since then, Sandboxx claims it has sent more than 3 million letters to those at basic training on behalf of their family members.

“I thought back to when I was 18 years old as a new Marine in 2002 and how motivating it would have been to have received a note from senior leadership,” Meek said in the news release.

“Increased engagement between our next generation of service members and senior leadership is plainly important and that connection can be seen by the pride that new service members have in that letter,” Meek said.

Sandboxx also offers a variety of services, including programs to help connect recruiters with potential recruits. Nearly 7,000 recruiters employ Sandboxx and have sent more than 70,000 letters to recruits in training.

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