BERLIN — A truck ran into a U.S. military vehicle on a highway in Bavaria on Monday in what German police said was an accident. The truck driver was believed to have been killed, but the military said there were no known injuries among U.S. personnel.

The crash happened on the A3 highway near Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz. The U.S. military vehicles were on the side strip of the highway and police said an articulated truck ran into one of them from behind. Several vehicles caught fire.

Police said they believed the truck driver was killed in the crash, in which his cab was destroyed, German news agency dpa reported.

The military said there were no injuries “at this time” among U.S. personnel but eight soldiers were taken to a hospital for a precautionary screening. The 7th Army Training Command said that an Army truck traveling from Hohenfels toward Grafenwoehr pulled over to the side of the highway after it was separated from the rest of the convoy.

As it waited, it was hit by a civilian commercial truck, and the collision resulted in damage to three U.S. Army vehicles, it said.

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