The Navy is launching a maternity uniform pilot program in 2022 for expecting sailors, providing them with maternity uniforms at no cost.

The wear test for pregnant volunteers, from Jan. 2, 2022, to Sept. 30, 2026, will allow enlisted sailors and officers in the active component and Navy Reserve to receive “a full array of authorized Navy maternity uniforms,” according to a new naval administrative message. These uniforms will be issued to sailors free of charge and then returned to the service.

“Issued maternity uniforms may be worn throughout the period of required wear up to 12 months after receipt,” the NAVADMIN said. “Participant selection will occur on a first-come, first-served basis. Uniforms will be provided to participants fully hemmed and with all required sewn-on accoutrements attached.”

Sailors interested in participating in the pilot program must have medical documentation of their pregnancy and command approval, and they must submit an application on the MyNavy HR website. Those eligible for the pilot program must not have received, or intend to receive, a maternity clothing allowance.

In 2022, the pilot program will consist of 400 volunteers, but that could be expanded in the future.

“If the 2022 MPP is successful, allowable participation numbers will be increased,” the NAVADMIN said.

Uniforms that are included in the pilot program are the Navy Working Uniform Type II, Service Khaki for E-7s and above, and the Navy Service Uniform for E-6s and below.

“Service Dress Whites and Blues dependent upon the Uniform needed and the Cardigan Sweater will also be issued,” a Navy news release said.

This isn’t the only maternity uniform initiative the Navy has spearheaded recently. The service revealed its new maternity flight suit prototype for expecting aircrew this spring so they wouldn’t be subjected to maternity khaki uniforms or larger flight suit uniforms that could pose safety issues if not properly altered.

Likewise, the Marine Corps also rolled out new maternity uniforms in April for pregnant Marines that have adjustable tabs to help the uniforms fit better.

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