Amid recruiting challenges across all branches of the military, the Navy is rolling out new incentives for sailors to participate in the service’s “Every Sailor is a Recruiter” program.

Now, sailors can earn up to two Flag Letters of Commendation if they successfully refer someone who signs a future sailor contract, according to a new naval administrative message.

“In order to incentivize Sailors to assist in this effort, [Commander, Navy Recruiting Command] has authorized a Flag Letter of Commendation (FLOC) (max of 2) for any Sailor who provides a referral that ultimately leads to a future Sailor contract,” the NAVADMIN said. “These FLOCs are worth one point each towards advancement and can make all the difference when final multiple scores are calculated.”

The NAVADMIN goes on to describe every sailor as an “ambassador” for the service, and encourages sailors to text “FLOC” to 764-764 if a sailor meets someone who would be a good fit for the Navy. The aforementioned text will connect the individual to a survey page to provide the contact information of the potential recruit, which will then allow a recruiter to connect with them.

The Every Sailor is a Recruiter program kicked off in July, and aims for current sailors to share their positive experiences in the service with potential recruits.

“Every Sailor has a voice, and it’s not just up to recruiters to represent the Navy back at home, but it is their duty to share their experiences and inspire people to serve their country,” Master Chief Navy Counselor Gerald Allchin, the NRC national chief recruiter, said in a Navy release in October. “Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, I know firsthand how rare it can be in non-fleet concentration areas to hear anything about the Navy. So, I tell my shipmates to share your stories!”

All of the armed services struggled with recruiting challenges in fiscal year 2022, which service leaders attributed to factors including more thorough medical screenings, fewer Americans eligible to serve, and low civilian unemployment.

The Navy did meet its active duty enlisted recruitment goals for fiscal 2022, but failed to meet target numbers for active duty and reserve officers, as well as reserve enlisted personnel.

The Navy said it is bracing for even more significant recruitment difficulties in fiscal year 2023, given that it drained its Delayed Entry Program pool to the lowest the service has experienced in 40 years to meet its active duty enlisted recruitment benchmarks.

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