A Thor tattoo and the story of a lost brother | 2:12

Just like Thor, Marine veteran James Despenza had a tough father. While getting his Thor tattoo he tells the story of losing a Marine brother. (Daniel Woolfolk/Staff)

Artist recalls moving military memorial tattoo | 1:16

Sean McGarrity is a tattoo artist and Army veteran who has seen highs and lows as an artist at Shooting Star Tattoo in Fayetteville, NC. (Daniel Woolfolk/Staff)

Tattoos are 'for me, not for anyone else' | 0:55

Mark is a soldier whose tattoos tell his story. (Daniel Woolfolk/Staff)

Young Marine's tattoo gets touching reaction from Marine stepdad | 1:04

Joshua Raine’s stepfather expected his son to Eagle, Globe and Anchor tattoo, but it’s the finishing touch that got him. (Daniel Woolfolk/Staff)

Army veteran’s journey to opening tattoo shop | 2:19

Jesse Denman is a retired Ranger and artist who feels veterans bring unique traits to entrepreneurship. (Daniel Woolfolk/Staff)

Tattoo project may take years or decades | 0:57

The creation of Tristan Voight’s back piece tattoo will span his Marine Corps career. (Daniel Woolfolk/Staff)

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