In September, production for director Steve Barnett’s “Valiant One” began in Vancouver, Canada.

The movie, backed by Monarch Media, is set amid rising tensions between North and South Korea. When a U.S. helicopter crashes on the northern side, survivors of the wreck must make their way back to friendly territory without the help of the U.S. military.

“With tensions between the North and South already on the verge of war, the surviving U.S. Army non-combat tech soldiers must work together to protect a civilian tech-specialist and find their way across the DMZ,” Deadline wrote on the film’s synopsis.

Filmed between Sept. 1 and Oct. 31, the movie features a cast that includes Lana Condor (”To All the Boys” trilogy), Desmin Borges (”The Time Traveler’s Wife”), Callan Mulvey (”Captain America: The Winter Soldier”) and Chase Stokes (”Outer Banks”).

Condor will play a character named Selby, an immigrant-turned-service member who enlists as a medic. Other roles have been loosely defined, Deadline noted.

Details so far do not specify the exact time frame in which the movie is meant to take place, although given Deadline’s description of one character as “an adrenaline junkie who grew up on video games,” it appears to be set in a more modern era.

As of this writing, the studio has not yet confirmed a release date.

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