ZEV feeds your Glock .22-sized bites

In the works for a more than a year, the ZEV Technologies' .22 conversion is out. ZEV thought it had things pretty well dialed in earlier this year but hit a snag when extensive testing revealed some types of ammo wouldn't run. So, after months' more tweaking and testing, ZEV says the conversion kit is ready.

Zev's Alec Wolf said building a reliable magazine was the biggest challenge. Once that hurdle was passed, testing showed the company had made a thing of reliable beauty. He said the kit is the most reliable .22 conversion system on the market, having been tested with a range of ammo from premium CCI Mini-Mag to the crappiest box of white box ammo they could find hidden at Walmart.

He explained one test: "We ran 3,500 rounds of seven different types of ammo without cleaning the gun and had a malfunction rate of less than 2 percent."

The ZEV .22 Conversion Kit drops in on any full-size Glock frame and will ship mid-February in two configurations with an MSRP of $350 for the unthreaded and $395 for the threaded-barrel version.