According to a solicitation posted on Federal Business Opportunities, the Kentucky National Guard is looking to pick up a number of unique and thoroughly non-standard parts for Glock 19 pistols.

Posted in late August with a response date of September 24, 2018, the request was made for brand-new, unused slide kits, match barrels, compensators, and reflex sights.

The slide kits mentioned in the FedBizOpps posting come from Zev Technologies -- a manufacturer of high-end rifle and pistol parts. These kits, of which 10 are expected to be ordered, are Zev's Z19 Enhanced SOCOM upgrades, designed for the Gen4 Glock 19 line of pistols.

It features an insert/mount milled specifically for the Leupold Delta Point Pro (DPP) sight, and the slide’s ejection port was made to work in tandem with match barrels.

Ten shooters in the Kentucky Guard are getting some pretty sexy Glocks. (Photo from Zev)
Ten shooters in the Kentucky Guard are getting some pretty sexy Glocks. (Photo from Zev)

Along with the new slides comes an order for 10 Leupold DPP sights with a 2.5 minute-of-angle dot reticle. The DPP, retailing for $519.99 USD on Leupold's official website, is a battery-powered reflex sight that which superimposes a projection of a reticle on glass, allowing for a better sight picture and more accurate shots on target.

As this article mentioned earlier, the Zev Z19 slides on order by the KY NG are built to mate with the DPP.

The posting contains further orders for 10 match-grade 9mm barrels with 4-port compensators, which offer considerably greater accuracy compared to the stock barrels Glock ships its pistols with. No mention as to the origin of the barrels was made.

There is also an order for Zev PRO compensators, which are also built for the Glock 19, designed to reduce recoil during the operation of the pistol.

Kentucky National Guard public affairs declined to comment on the nature of the solicitation, and the intended recipient of the new parts. Neither the Army nor the Air Force's active and reserve/National Guard components currently issue Glock pistols as a standard sidearm.

However, US Special Operations Command has been known to field the popular handgun among its various units, and it is quite possible that the upgrades might end up in their hands upon delivery.