Nightforce Optics Inc will be the recipient of a highly coveted contract to provide US Special Operations Command with scopes for their commandos, including Navy SEALs to Army Rangers and Green Berets — and more.

The initial First Focal Plane Scope contract is presently worth $15 million, though it's likely that it could balloon up to $21 million with an additional bulk purchase of further scopes and parts.

A Second Focal Plane Scope contract will be awarded after its competition and testing phases conclude later on.

The winning optic of the FFPS contract, which will be referred to as a Squad-Variable Powered Scope, was none other than Nightforce's ATACR Advanced Tactical Riflescope, available on the commercial market to civilian gun owners in North America.

It was the result of SOCOM's efforts to equip its warfighters with variable-power rifle scopes that could allow the user to both accurately engage targets up to 600 meters away, and also provide a similar level of functionality and efficiency at shorter ranges in close quarters battle.

Some of the offerings, which were provided to SOCOM at no cost for analysis and testing, included a militarized version of SIG Sauer's Tango 6 "electro optic." Ultimately, Nightforce won out with the ATACR 1-8x24 F1. Coming in at just around 21 ounces in weight and a total length of 10 inches, the scope is light and ruggedized for harsh use in a variety of climates.

It features an illuminated red dot reticle, similar to a red-dot on a reflex sight, which isn't only daylight visible but also highly useful for close-in combat situations. When the target is further out, however, th

e high fidelity zoom allows the user to utilize the maximum effective range of his rifle with excellent clarity.

In situations where a quick change in magnification is required, the ATACR comes with an integrated Power Throw Lever that allows the user to adjust the scope’s magnification with ease, dialing it up or down as needed. The ATACR is indeed continuously variable as well, enabling the user to adjust the sight through the entire range of the scope’s magnification to fine-tune shots.

Ian D’Costa is a correspondent with Gear Scout whose work has been featured with We Are The Mighty, The Aviationist, and Business Insider. An avid outdoorsman, Ian is also a guns and gear enthusiast.

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