Today’s shooters are as likely to own an MSR platform rifle as they are to own a traditional bolt-action rifle. To date, the only option the semi-automatic user has for shooting bags is to use leather, thin polyester, suede or old shot bags. The problem with these materials is that they are too thin, tear easily and are extremely susceptible to heat. Enter the ThermoBlock Shooting Bags-with built in “heatshield” and 2x thicker ballistic woven fabric.

The NEW ThermoBlock family of filled shooting bags are setting the world (literally) on fire by combining heat forge-proof temperature shields with excessively tough woven fabric exteriors. Here’s a summary of what makes these shooting bags the best in the shooting industry.

  1. Using an integrated Nomex-type heat shield, these bags can stand the 400°F temperatures that barrels and hot gasses reach in rapid fire situations. 
  2. These bags are constructed of heavy-duty, cross-woven fabric that is literally 2x thicker than the competition. 
  3. To ensure a secure footing on many surfaces, these bags have a rubber traction plate bonded to their bottom surface. 
  4. To improve forend grip properties, a small silicone surface is strategically placed in key holding areas.

ThermoBlock Shooting Bags are Available in the Following Models:

  • Forend (Filled) Shooting Bag for Replacement on Forend Shooting Rests 
  • Front (Filled) Shooting Bag 
  • Rear (Filled) Shooting Bag 
  • Front & Rear (Filled) Shooting Bag Set 
  • Precision (Filled) Shooting Bag 
  • Forend (Filled) Shooting Bag-Standard with Allen Citadel Shooting Rest (pictured). 

There is no other shooting bag like this available in the market today. Make sure your merchandise assortment fits the needs of this large market segment and get yours today. For more information about ThermoBlock Shooting Bags, visit us at or call (800) 876- 8600.