Shooter’s Technology LLC, the makers of the Orion Scoring System is proud to announce the release of their accompanying mobile app for the Orion Scoring System.

The Orion app is available for interested users for both iOS and Android. It is available in the Apple Test Flight (beta store) and the Google Play Beta Store. It will be released to production within a few weeks.

The Orion app is a major step forward for the shooting sports. It features many new technological advancements never seen before in the sport.

With it, athletes can track all of their practice and competition scores, track their running average for any event or stage type, get text notifications when their targets are scored, view their squadding and registration data for any match, and view their target images for every event they compete in.

The Orion app offers match officials new tools, as well. For the first time, range officers have a digital and updated squadding list, can submit incident reports digitally, and update athlete registration data through the app.Spectators can now watch live results from the app.

This includes a live leaderboard of the top athletes or teams, watching selected athletes, and viewing their target images. Result Lists for both local and virtual matches are also included.The Orion app is free for all users.

Erik Anderson, Ph.D., the owner and lead engineer for Orion says, “This is a major advancement for both Orion and the shooting sports. For the first time we have been able to connect athletes and their performances together, digitally, and automatically.

The amount of automation we’ve been able to include, displaying scores and results in an easy to use app in near real time, finally puts shooting on par with many for-profit sports.”

To use these new features, existing Orion customers are advised to update to version 2.5.15 of the Orion Desktop software. This is a free upgrade for all license customers.

Athletes, match officials, and spectators who want to use the app need to sign up for an account through the app. Their app accounts are linked through the Orion Desktop software using the email address they used to sign up for in the app.

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