Keep your clips — this warehouse is all about mags

Not sure whether to buy steel or polymer magazines, or wondering which polymer magazine is best? Wondering if a factory Glock mag will fit a G19X, or which after-market manufacturers to stay away from?

Check out this new series of videos from Gun Mag Warehouse. It began about a month ago and so far features nearly a hundred short informational pieces recorded to help buyers determine the best rifle or pistol magazine for their needs.

“These videos are for us to help educate our consumers, the customers who shop at Gun Mag, says Gun Mag Warehouse spokesman Daniel Shaw of Shaw Strategies. “They often buy the wrong product, or they don’t know what’s best for their gun, or the specific application. The whole idea of these videos is to provide a quick, down and dirty source of information for Gun Mag Warehouse buyers to make a better decision. That’s what the videos are for, that’s what the entire channel is for.”

Information is typically delivered in an irreverent, down to earth fashion, making it far more palatable to end users than many “advertorials” promulgated by manufacturers themselves.

Here’s an example. Want to know more about the Wilson 1911 elite tactical .45 ACP HD +P full size 8-round aluminum base pad black floor polymer finish magazine? Of course you do, even if it is hard to say the whole thing in one breath.

Another example of some information available can be found in this explanation of the S&W M&P compact 10 & 12 found factory magazines - which do hold ten and twelve rounds respectively, but say nine and ten on the side.

Now, you won’t find much on there explaining things like first focal plane scopes or what steel targets you should use, but you will find everything you might want to know about rifle and pistol magazines gathered together all in one place. There are already nearly a hundred short vids posted to the Gun Mag Youtube channel currently and that number grows daily. Read more in depth about “gunmagwarehouse” online if you’re curious or connect with them on social, @gun mag warehouse on Instagram and /Gun Mag Warehouse/ on Facebook.

You might also check out the “Mag Life Blog” too. It contains additional op-ed information worth taking into consideration, including opinions about the Best .22 for teaching kids to shoot safely and the Difference between clips and magazines.