Feeling that Grey Ghost IMPACT

The Grey Ghost Gear IMPACT everyday carry bag was the brainchild of GG’s senior designer, Stephen Crowe. It was designed to meet his optimal needs while commuting by bicycle, then implemented by and for guys who kick doors and shoot bad guys for a living.

Crowe explains,

“I needed a more vertical backpack with a specific pocket configuration that I had not seen yet in any of our existing bags. I kept experimenting with tiered exterior pockets for all the essentials I needed in an average 24-hour period like my phone, wallet, keys, and other things, along with space for bike tools, patch kit and an extra tube in case of a flat.

Most importantly, I wanted to truncate the main compartment in favor of a third exterior pocket at the bottom with maximum depth. Originally intended to house premade meals, this bottom pocket is spacious enough for cameras, small drones and other sensitive items that would otherwise get crushed if tossed into the main compartment with other items.”

Evidently the rest of the GG team saw the prototype and decided it should become a regular line item, not least due to the many organizational subtleties worked into the design - think long zippered pockets for charging cords, snacks, or a couple wrenches down the flanks, a zippered mesh pocket on the front wall, and other such clever niceties.

GG explains the pack in greater detail:

Being constructed of Rip-Stop Nylon and 500-D Cordura® kept the bag lightweight and well balanced, perfect for anyone on the move; something you will appreciate if you ride your bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard or scooter to work.

The exterior of the Impact 24 has four strings of daisy chain loops that line the left and right sides and parallel the front pockets. Daisy chains are your friend, especially if you ever need to clip or lash extra gear to your pack using carabiners, webbing straps or cordage. You can hang almost anything from a backpack using a system like this, from solar power chargers to a wet coat or a tarp. Finally, a worthy host for your novelty carabiner collection!

The back of the Impact 24 has thick mesh-lined padding to ensure for a comfortable all-day ride without the infamous sweat stain down your back. The mesh encourages ample airflow to the back as well as the underside of the adjustable shoulder straps, making the Impact 24 a favorite daily commuter.

The pack is available in Black/Black Diamond, Wolf Grey/Black Diamond, and Olive/Black Diamond.

• Upper Interior: 12.5” H x 10” W x 7” D

• Tablet Sleeve: 12” x 10” W

• Lower Interior: 7” H X 10” W X 7” D

• Upper Exterior: 6” HX 8.5” W X 2” D

• Middle Exterior: 5” H X 5.5” W X 2” D

• Total Volume: 23.7 liters

Grey Ghost: “We give you the best gear possible for every badass moment of your life.”

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