Founded in 1991, Tomcar developed its nimble side-by-side specifically for the Israeli Special Forces.

Used by elite military units, the Tomcar TM quickly established itself as an incredibly rugged vehicle known for delivering no-compromise toughness operating in the world’s toughest conditions. Historically, using heavier reconnaissance vehicles presented many challenges during missions. Many never even survived the initial airdrop, often sustaining significant damage parachuting into combat zones.

Frustratingly, soldiers were usually forced to piece together parts from several broken-up 4x4s to create one or two functional post-drop vehicles. The Tomcar changed that. And now, new for 2020, the Tomcar TX4 offers consumers a go-anywhere vehicle featuring decades of proven military engineering.

“The TX4 model does it all: the rig can transport several people, haul impressive payloads, and off-road nearly anything,” said Tomcar CEO Ram Zarchi. “The best part is the brand-new TX4 model is an absolute blast to drive. While this new Tomcar TX4 can tackle the toughest terrain easily, the real fun is that this vehicle can go anywhere and back. At Tomcar, we have found going anywhere is just half the equation. The getting back part is just as important.”

Nearly thirty years ago, an Israeli Special Forces veteran created the first Tomcar TM: a 2,700-pound tactical buggy with payload and towing stats nearly even to its overall weight. Since then, Tomcar's military-grade battle-tested rigs have seen active duty operating on several continents. After earning impressive marks across the globe for their durability and reliability, Tomcar also started supplying vehicles to heavy industries such as commercial mining and agriculture categories that also needed dependable off-road and on-road transportation solutions.

Now, for the 2020 model year, Tomcar is proud to introduce the company’s first-ever consumer model, the new TX4. Specifically designed for civilian duty and perfect for off-road and outdoors enthusiasts, ranchers, and more, the 4-wheel-drive Tomcar TX4 model offers additional comfort and amenities to drivers while firmly operating under the company’s proven ‘anywhere and back’ mentality.

“Tomcar has always designed vehicles to deliver maximum versatility in the harshest conditions. Even today, the dimensions of the Tomcar are still based on the ability to fit three rigs perfectly onto a helicopter. Every vehicle is over-engineered and made to outperform and outlast anything out there,” explains Zarchi. “As our company continues to expand, Tomcar wanted to introduce a civilian model that offers the same military-grade technology in a more comfortable rig that is perfect for use in vacation homes, ranches, beach houses, and areas with a lot of property to explore.”

The TX4 is offered with a four-seat configuration. This model combines the best battle-tested aspects of military-specification ATVs, utility vehicles, and pickup trucks. The foundation of all Tomcar vehicles is a fully welded armored cocoon with integrated frame and roll cage, backed with a lifetime warranty.

Light-weighting everything is the key to the Tomcar TX4’s impressive multi-terrain prowess. Power comes from a rear-mounted 1.5L four-cylinder gas engine that produces 107 horsepower and 80 lb.-ft. of torque. An innovative CVT automatic transmission further saves weight and adds to the overall Tomcar TX4 point-and-go driving experience that allows even new drivers to traverse the roughest off-road conditions.

The four-wheel-drive system uses a specially designed triple-chain transfer case. Power gets to the ground efficiently enough to give the four-seater TX4 a 2,500-pound payload capacity. Tow ratings range up to 5,400 pounds, depending on vehicle configuration. Tomcar also applied its decades of military experience engineering an innovative chassis design. By using 4-wheel independent suspension, the new Tomcar TX4 achieves an impressive 17 inches of ground clearance and 14 inches of wheel travel. Ride is controlled by adjustable coilover shocks. The end result is a lithe driving experience, both over uneven terrain and on the pavement at freeway speeds.

Tomcar maximized handling and performance via an ultra-low center of gravity. Engineers achieved this through the rear-mounted powertrain, which is fully protected by aluminum skidplates and prioritizes even weight distribution over the tires to further increase traction. The low center of gravity also gives the Tomcar TX4 sidehill capability surpassing a sheer 60 degrees. Selectable front and rear pneumatic locking differentials present drivers with superior traction to easily tackle a variety of tough off-road situations.

Ergonomically, the Tomcar TX4’s easy-to-navigate dashboard and controls enhance both driver and passenger experience. Electronically assisted power steering creates a nimble feel and further minimizes overall weight. Other civilian-friendly Tomcar TX4 elements include a widened cabin with more room for passengers, automotive-grade materials, and a fully functional HVAC system. For comfort and safety, cushioned PRP bucket seats and four-point safety harnesses are also seamlessly integrated. Additional features include a 10,000-pound winch.

The 2020 Tomcar TX4 is positioned to deliver drivers a new benchmark for off-roading performance on every level. An upscale trim level with enclosed cab and additional amenities will be available in early 2020. The Tomcar TX4 UTV is available now, starting at an MSRP of $36,500. For more information, please visit or call 866-4-TOMCAR.

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