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Let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you more than likely forgot that Valentine’s Day is almost here.

With the excitement from all of this year’s SHOT Show debuts and tons of cool new military hardware just around the corner, it’s easy to forget everyone’s favorite day of romance, chocolates, and cheesy cards.

Don’t worry, GearScout has your six (you’re welcome)!

This year, make your Valentine’s Day tacticool, GearScout-style, with these awesome products that we’ve curated to save your butts (and probably ours too).

And if you’re single on the big day, just go ahead and treat yourself!

We’re not judging.

For the shooter

If you’re a recreational shooter, you compete, or you’re issued a blaster for work, chances are you’ve heard of Trijicon’s Miniature Rifle Optic, their bestselling red dot sight.

This year at SHOT Show, the company debuted an MRO on steroids — the MRO HD. Re-engineered and revamped, the MRO HD turns it up to 11 with an optic that offers shooters a 2.0 MOA center dot encompassed by a 68 MOA segmented circle reticle.

Trijicon boasts a “truly ambidextrous reticle” on this optic, as well as a brightness control that allows the user to switch between a full reticle or a simple center dot, based on their preference.

The MRO HD is set to sell for $919.

For the beach bum

It’s no secret that we’re a fan of Combat Flip Flops. Not only are their products incredibly badass and highly inspired, it’s also hard not to love a company that pledges to support a day of school for Afghan girls with each purchase.

For that special someone who also happens to be a beach bum or a hardcore aloha-type, check out CFF’s Floperator Coyote. Designed to be rugged and damage resistant, these flip flops aren’t just going to last you a while, they’re also going to make you look pretty moto with the option to customize their look using moral patches.

You can pick up a pair on CFF’s website for $39.99. Just don’t take these things into *actual* combat.

For the regular bums

Being able to recline and take some of the weight off your feet after a long day is one of the most underrated and unappreciated bonuses in life, especially if you’re on the trails or parenting it up at a soccer game.

NEMO Equipment knows this just as well as we do, and that’s why they’ve rolled out their Stargaze Camp Chair, currently retailing for $149 with free shipping on their website.

The camp chair is a more budget-friendly modification of the company’s Stargaze Recliner, though with the ability to gently swing like a rocking chair. NEMO boasts that this chair can go virtually anywhere unimpeded, working easily on most surfaces including unimproved terrain.

For the always-hungry

We’re always hungry.

Writing articles on Gear Scout to navigating traffic, 3-gun competitions, and all-day hikes can get incredibly tiring.

We also know we’re not the only ones out there craving a snack while reading this. That’s where Good-to-Go steps up to the plate with a number of meal options that are easily prepared, highly nutritious, and in sizable servings that will fix any hunger craving in a hurry.

With a wide menu available, Good-to-Go’s products are especially geared towards outdoorsy people who find themselves on the go, be it hitting the trails, conquering a mountain, or just enjoying a relaxed camping trip with loved ones.

Vegan, low-sodium, and gluten-free options are available.

For the tactical poet

We know the value of a good pen — especially one that can write anywhere, regardless of the elements and conditions outside.

For those who need to keep a writing implement on them at all times, be it to take notes, jot down a hot rhyme or poem, or fill out forms on the go, Gerber offers its Impromptu Tactical Pen.

Featuring a Cerakoted machined steel body (you read that right), the ITP is easily one of the most badass pens on the market today, capable of writing in driving rains and also equipped with a glass breaker to help escape rougher situations.

Gerber offers the ITP on their site for $73 — a lofty price for a pen, but then again, this is no ordinary pen.

For the tactical every(wear)

We can’t say enough about Tactical Distributors’ “Battle Briefs.”

They’re comfortable, they’re cool as sh*t and they’re super functional. No need to actually go “commando” with these bad boys against your butt!

The Battle Briefs have a ton a style, with cool graphics and accessories — even ones with built in pockets for those who like to let it all hang out around the house (or are really into Every Day (and Night) Carry).

In case you’re wondering, these skivvies are even built for the Tiger Mom in your life, with new female-friendly designs coming out all the time.

And if you’re super tactical, you can even sign up for a subscription service to receive a new pair of briefs each month. Happy Valentines Day baby!

For the outdoorsy tacti-nerd

Anyone who knows GearScout knows we’re big fans of LOWA footwear.

In fact, it turns out our pimpin’ may have paid off, with rumors that the boys from the CBS show “SEAL Team” will be sporting some LOWA kicks when the season resumes this spring!

Well, along with their tactical line of shoes and boots, LOWA has also refined their hiking and approach shoe offerings to blend the needs of the outdoor enthusiast who’s trekking through the rough stuff and the operator who’s going low profile but may have to go loud when the fur starts flying.

Presenting the Explorer GTX Lo for both men and women. A blend of the company’s high-end mountaineering boot line and its trekking shoe, the Explorer GTX features a DynaPU midsole, a cushioning heel wedge and an easier walking flex. It’s also lined with Gore-Tex and features a Vibram Rock Trac outsole with MegaGrip rubber.

I don’t know what that all means, but I know I’d want some for V-Day!

The ultimate tactical snack

What’s Valentines Day without chocolate?

And what could be better than a chocolate bar shaped like a 1911?


So get on it boys and girls and order up your honey a silky sweet token of John Moses Browning’s greatness with this blaster from Chocolate Weapons (no mystery what these guys are all about, huh?)...

The chocolate 1911 is almost a full pound of milk chocolate goodness and comes packed in a no joke padded gun case. And you can even order candy ammo to load into it (or your mouth bro!).

And for you tactical love bunnies who like to pork out on candy then wash up after your gluttony, there’s even a matching set of 1911s in chocolate and soap.

All we ask is that you make sure to kind of tell your tactical valentine that the gun case isn’t hiding a new sidearm. Don’t want to have to deal with that let down.

Sightline Media Group, LLC writes about products and services to help our readers navigate when shopping online. Sightline Media Group, LLC may receive a share of revenue from our affiliate partners if you purchase products or contract services through our links.

Ian D’Costa is a correspondent with Gear Scout whose work has been featured with We Are The Mighty, The Aviationist, and Business Insider. An avid outdoorsman, Ian is also a guns and gear enthusiast.

Christian Lowe is senior editor for digital operations and is a competitive pistol and rifle shooter.

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