When you are conducting day to day business, traveling the country, or running to the grocery store - one of the first orders of business is building a go bag. In case of an emergency, this bag (also known as a “bug-out kit”) becomes an essential life-support system. It contains everything needed to keep you and your loved ones alive, or should you have to “go black,” hiding out of sight until the coast is clear or resume your current lifestyle. Go bags are essential in today’s chaotic climate.


A go bag typically consists of a day or two of life support— water, food, cash, emergency medical supplies, navigation aids, and a “black” or covert phone similar to the type known in the criminal world as a “burner.” The bag should be stashed in your vehicle, concealed in a spot that is easily accessible from the driver’s seat, such as the center console compartment (between the seats) or under the seat. (Should you find yourself upside down as the result of a collision with aggressors, the kit should be within arm’s reach.) As its name implies, the go bag needs to be light enough to be carried—canned foods and other heavy supplies do not lend themselves to ease of transport.


How to Build a Go Bag


In day-to-day life, go bags can be used as precautionary disaster measures—not only by civilians living in regions at high risk for natural disasters, but by anyone alert to the threat of urban disasters or terrorism.

Build a go bag! Before the next crisis strikes. Use the attached art work and video to get you started.

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Clint Emerson is a retired Navy SEAL, the best-selling author of "100 Deadly Skills," and the founder of Escape the Wolf, which focuses on crisis management for global companies.

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