In the early years of the War on Terror, a small company developed and released a totally new submachine gun design that was unlike anything else on the market - the Super V. This 45 ACP caliber subgun was as futuristic in appearance as it was under the hood; utilizing a proprietary recoil mitigation system that redirected the recoil impulse to be vastly more controllable than standard blowback designs.

Despite arriving during an era in small arms design where most modern militaries had fully replaced SMGs with either Personal Defense Weapons (PDWs) or short barreled carbines, the Super V raised more than a few eyebrows.

The design was later renamed the Vector, and rechambered first in 9mm para, and later in 10mm auto. But the latest addition is in a far more affordable caliber - .22lr. Check out the press release below.

According to the release, these new guns feed from proprietary magazines, but from the limited shots they are ostensibly Glock-pattern. Though unlikely, it would be very cool if the these carbines could share magazines with the new rimfire Glock 44. More so because it would mean the new Glock would have access to more capacious magazines than 10-rounds, than any sort of logistical simplification.

One interesting tidbit - these new guns do not utilize the recoil mitigation system the originals are known for. Though this makes sense given the very light recoil impulse of .22lr firearms. Plus, it undoubtedly allows Kriss to manufacture these at a far less expensive price point. One additional benefit of the new Vector utilizing simple blowback operation is its effectiveness with a sound suppressor - especially in a quiet caliber like .22LR.

Hopefully the new SBRs, carbines and pistols will be available at SHOT Show 2020, so our fine writers here can take them for a spin. Visit for more information, including availability and available accessories.

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