These words were ingrained in the minds of countless 80’s kids. And arguably the most iconic weapon used by these van-loving vigilantes was the Ruger AC-556. AKA - the military / law enforcement full-auto version of the Mini-14.

For the uninitiated, the Mini-14 is exactly what it sounds like, a miniature M-14. Or, to be more precise, a scaled down M1A chambered in 5.56mm versus the original’s 7.62x51mm battle cartridge. Although greatly overshadowed in popularity by the AR-15 today, the Mini-14 was the go-to modern sporting rifle of its time.

The AC-556 differed from the original Mini-14 in two major obvious ways: it was select-fire, and it employed a folding aluminum stock and pistol grip. Original examples of this iconic furniture are very tough to come by today, with prices well in excess of the price of the Mini itself.

Thankfully, Samson Manufacturing, makers of high quality arms components and most of SIG’s American rifle sights, has stepped up to the plate. That’s right, Samson is churning out new production AC-556 style furniture for both the Mini-14, and the Ruger 10-22 carbines.

Meaning, shooters can now rock their favorite all-American rifle in matching style to their tactical conversion van. And that’s no accident; The engineers at Samson are clearly fans of the show, as the new stock is called the, “A-TM”.

Prices on the new stocks are $279.99 for the Mini-14 model, and $259.99 for the 10/22 model. Shooters can purchase theirs, or simply get more info on the stocks over at

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