Hot on the heels of their newly announced Henry X suppressor-friendly series of carbines, Henry announced a new contest allowing shooters to vote on what gun the company will produce next. Dubbed, “Which one should we make next?” the contest features three options for shooters to vote on. All three options are variants of the Long Ranger rifle offered by Henry.

For the uninitiated, the Long Ranger is the purpose-built precision rifle from Henry, designed to utilize spitzer bullets through the use of a detachable magazine. Check out the full description from Henry below.

In essence, the Long Ranger series of Henry rifles can utilize modern rifle rounds, whereas older designs prohibit it. They feature Picatinny rails, box-type magazines and precision barrels. The new offerings consist of the standard models, but with different furniture and finish options. The three options are as follows:

Titanium Cerakote with Wave Laminate Stocks

This is a more muted example of a modernized rifle that based on its more monotone color-scheme, should be an excellent choice for all climates.

Tungsten Cerakote with Beach Laminate Stocks

That last one is my personal favorite. Th “Tungsten Cerakote" reminds me aged gunmetal, while the warmer tones of the furniture definitely hearken back to the days of the Wild West.

Burnt Bronze Cerakote with Forest Laminate Stocks

The most unique option is the Burnt Bronze Cerakote. This is a very unique-looking firearm that personally looks a little too modern for my liking. But if it strikes your fancy, by all means give it a vote. Shooters looking to cast their vote can swing over to Henry’s website voting page, where they can not only vote, but get all the latest info on all Henry products.

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