Brügger and Thomet. A company known for high-end firearms and accessories, has just announced two new additions to their pistol-caliber product lineup.

The first is their USW-P10c — a variant of their pistol PDW chassis that transforms a pistol into a short range personal defense weapon.

This new model features an optics rail, accessory rail and a collapsible stock to aid in weapon/recoil control as well as weapon retention, but it differs from previous models in that it is compatible with the CZ P10 F and P10 C.

Full details below in the official release.

The success of the B&T USW as well as the B&T USW-G Chassis has stirred the interest to have this innovative and accurate system also available for other popular pistols. B&T is happy to fullfil these demands with the introduction of a USW Chassis for the CZ P-10 F and the CZ P-10 C.

The Universal Service Weapon (USW) developed by B&T is a game changer. The ability to precisely engage targets far beyond normal pistol range has a great appeal to all professional users. The USW-P10 conversion kit is the ultimate add on for the CZ P-10 F and the P-10 C. It offers the operator the choice of using the pistol in the traditional way as well as with the built in folding stock, while the transition only requires less than a mere second. Due to its elaborated design, the operator can mount an optionally available red dot sight on top of the chassis and use the original open sights as back up.

The design of the USW-P10 is not just a new weapon but an entire new category of weapon, that fills the gap between Pistol, Submachine Gun and Police Carbine. The USW-P10 installed on the CZ P-10 F or C will enable any operator to engage targets effectively from 0 out to 75 meters (82 yards). This is thanks to the new concept that combines the latest Aimpoint ACRO P-1® Red Dot Sight, integrated side folding stock and the clever patented design. The ACRO red dot sight is used as the primary aiming system, while the original open sights remain as a backup. The folding stock is integrated into the aluminum chassis. The bridge of the receiver which mounts the Aimpoint is fixed, thus the Aimpoint does not move and stays stationary during the cycling process. The chassis also has a Picatinny/NAR (NATO Accessory Rail) to accept any type of light or laser on the market.

The all machined aluminum chassis provides a rock solid structure to mount the pistol. The conversion takes about 1 minute and all the parts are supplied. There are no modifications to the weapon.

But the engineers over at B&T aren’t done yet. They also announced a new stock for the HK MP5.

This new aluminum collapsible stock features four locking positions including the collapsed one. But more importantly, the new telescopic B&T stock is much lighter than other MP5 stocks available. In fact, according to the presser, it’s between 21 and 47% lighter. The new stock is based on the AP9 stock built from B&T which has seen some military adoption, and is generally well regarded by end-users. Knowing B&T, this stock will be rock solid, and not inexpensive. Though quality has its price. Full details below.

B&T increases it ́s wide product offering for the MP5 Upgrade Program with the new Telescopic Stock. The design is based on the stock found on the APC9 which has recently been adopted by the US Army. The stock by B&T is a vast improvement over the current OEM product with several nice features that many users have asked for over the years.


• Requires no modification to the MP5 and uses the standard retaining pins.

• The weight of the B&T stock is a mere 495 grams compared to the 630 or 830 grams of the OEM products. This represents 21 % to 47% in weight savings and addresses one of the common complaints with the MP5; it ́s weight issue.

• To open the stock; all that is required is for the operator to pull the stock for a full extension.

• To close the stock, one merely squeezes the lever in the up position and the stock slides into the collapse position.

• Collapsed the weapon is, with 490 mm in total length, up 60 mm more compact than with some OEM stock. This makes the overall weapon easier to fi t into many of the new discreet carry bags and vehicle transportation boxes.

• The stock also possesses two ambidextrous sling loops which will accept the standard OEM sling among others.

• The stock has three different positions which will enable the operator to adjust the length and stock pull to the type

of equipment and body armor being used. The fully extended length when mounted on the MP5 is 665 mm.

• The entire stock is made of shock resistant polymer and high grade aluminum and offers a nonskid butt plate.

• B&T item number: BT-200590

As a fan of PDW style pistols of all types (I’m looking at your Mauser C96 and Browning HiPower!) This is awesome news. The combination of the new USW and a stock for my favorite submachine gun is a pistol caliber carbine-lover’s dream. Hopefully more information will be available soon pertaining to both pricing and availability . For more information, visit

The Army's Brügger & Thomet's APC-9K is a compact, precision-tuned submachine gun that will replace the H&K MP5 for protective details.
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