BCB International has made a name for itself over a 160-year history in developing and producing protective gear and kit with numerous applications across a ton of fields.

Now, the company aims to shake up the rifle buttstock game with a new and highly unique design that will change the way law enforcement officers operate in adverse environments, specifically those who are required to wear visors and/or gas masks while on the job.

Visors aren’t just a staple of issued gear for riot cops alone. A considerable number of European police tactical teams (including France’s elite GIGN) and SWAT units field visors and face shields as part of their standard kit, with a few of their North American counterparts following suit.

Gas masks are pretty familiar pieces of SWAT kit around the world, serving as a a barrier for the wearer against tear gas, pepper spray, and other airborne substances which could affect the end user’s ability to function while on mission.

While both gas masks and visors are incredibly useful and necessary, they don’t exactly play well with rifles, often presenting a situation devoid of basic ergonomics for the user, where the rifle has to be held at an odd angle, or just substituted entirely for a smaller less-powerful pistol.

BCB’s solution comes in the form of the FRAMM buttstock, unveiled at this year’s Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Tampa, Florida.

The FRAMM stock can fold or extend into position (Photo BCB International)
The FRAMM stock can fold or extend into position (Photo BCB International)

FRAMM is a a modifiable stock that can extend from the conventional horizontal shoulder brace to an angled position that curves around the visor, allowing the end user to keep their visor locked down and in place while still effectively wielding their rifle.

The curve of the stock when in the angled/lowered position also allows the wearer to comfortably sight and shoot even while wearing a gas mask.

Currently, FRAMM is available for a select number of guns including Heckler & Koch’s G36 and UMP, as well as B&T’s GL06 40 mm grenade launcher, which is often used to deploy less-than-lethal cartridges or “irritant grenades”.

BCB plans to produce versions of the FRAMM for a slew of other guns used by SWAT units, including the FN SCAR, the ever-popular H&K MP5, the CZ BREN, and SIG Sauer’s MCX and 550/551.