You’re going to want to check out Hoplite’s new Aloha collection

Hoplite Armor, retailer of Level III and Level IV body armor, have debuted their Aloha collection, and it’s pretty badass.

Featuring bloodstained bauhinia flowers on a dark background, the shirts are Hoplite’s tribute to the struggle of the people of Hong Kong in their months-long protests against the Chinese government.

The bauhinia has long been associated with Hong Kong, displayed prominently on the city’s official flag.

Moreover, protestors from Hong Kong campaigning against the Chinese government have adopted the bauhinia as their own symbol over the course of the protests that have rocked the city since June of this year over a controversial extradition bill.

(Photo Hoplite Armor)
(Photo Hoplite Armor)

According to Hoplite, the Aloha Plate Carrier is fairly minimalist/low profile and concealable.

Made of laser-cut composite laminate fabric, and weighing in at a tolerable 1.3 pounds, it can make use of 10x12 inch medium and large-size Swimmer and Small Arms Protective Inserts plates from Leading Technology Composites... or really whatever plates you have that fit the bags.

Utilizing a one-piece body construction, the carrier uses Cobra Buckles and has LC MOLLE slots to integrate accessories including magazine pouches and other vital parts of a standard kit.

The Aloha Combat Shirt is... well, just a really cool shirt that’s well-made and sure to be a hit at any luaus you might find yourself attending.

But why limit yourself to just one event? Does anybody really need a reason to rock a Hawaiian shirt?

The Aloha Combat Shirt and the Plate Carrier both come in four different colors — Blood, Ranger Green, Desert, and Midnight.

You can get yourself kitted up with the Aloha carrier and shirt on Hoplite’s website, with the carrier retailing for $259, and the shirt for $79.