Palmetto State Armory just unveiled its first-ever 9 mm pistol — here’s what it looks like

Historically, companies use the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s annual industry-only SHOT Show as a launch pad for unveiling new products, be it gear, clothing, or firearms.

At this year’s show, South Carolina-based Palmetto State Armory unveiled their latest product for the civilian gun market, the striker-fired PS9 Dagger — perhaps one of the most underrated SHOT Show debuts in years.

Marking their first foray into the pistol market with an in-house developed product, the Dagger is designed to meet the bracket of buyers looking for a compact carry or duty gun, or a very user-friendly recreational peashooter, not unlike the Glock 19 or a considerable number of Smith & Wesson M&P variants.

(Photo Ian D’Costa)
(Photo Ian D’Costa)

In fact, the pistol itself looks fairly similar to an older generation Glock, albeit with a few key changes.

A PSA rep at the SHOW confirmed to us that the Dagger will be able to fit most holsters built for Gen 3 Glock 19s, and will be able to accept Glock magazines. Additionally, the gun can also make use of existing Glock trigger kits, should shooters wish to swap out the stock trigger for something more their speed.

The polymer frame goes its own way from the Gen 3 Glocks with a more unique design that comes with a shooter-friendly textured non-slip grip, giving the gun a unique feel when held.

(Photo Ian D’Costa)
(Photo Ian D’Costa)

Aggressive cocking serrations on the front and rear of the slide, and cutouts at the bottom of the mag well for those mags that sometimes refuse to come loose, also immediately stand out.

The Dagger is expected to be released by Q3 of this year, and its most basic model will retail at or below $300 brand new with a 100% lifetime warranty. An upgraded suppressor-ready version with raised sights and a threaded barrel will sell for $350.

Future versions of the the Dagger will include models with slide cuts compatible with RMR red dot sights, or modular optics plates that can be fitted to most RMR-style sights on the market.

All Daggers will be sold with a pair of Magpul GL9 PMAGs, and the gun is backed by a lifetime warranty from PSA.