Glock’s newest pistol has reportedly run into trouble with a number of buyers, calling into question the company’s legendary “Glock Perfection” slogan.

Long known for smooth product roll-outs, the company’s latest offering for the civilian market faces growing concerns on social media that the gun might be riddled with technical deficiencies and safety issues.

After a heavily-publicized hype campaign, Glock’s first foray into the .22LR arena — the G19-sized Glock 44 featuring a 10-round capacity — was met with mixed reactions.

However, the gun seemingly began to steadily carve out a niche for itself among recreational shooters (i.e. plinkers) and enthusiasts, and generated a decent amount of interest at this year’s SHOT Show industry conference.

In recent weeks, however, issues with the G44 have surfaced on social media, stirring up concerns that the pistol might not function or be as safe as advertised.

Buyers have chimed in on various channels, especially Instagram, to document their various G44 woes.

One shooter noted a critical malfunction that resulted in the extractor failing and the slide cracking while shooting the gun with his grandson.

Military Arms Channel, who first brought the G44′s issues to light, noted that the gun fired out of battery.

Instagram user @Commbloc74 discovered upon field stripping his gun that the internals were damaged, likely while operating the gun.

It’s currently unclear what exactly has caused this spate of malfunctions and failures with the G44, be it a quality control-related problem, or something to do with the pistol’s engineering and design.

When Gear Scout reached out to Glock for comment on the G44, officials at the company said “It has been brought to our attention and we are evaluating it at this time," with regards to the gun firing out of battery.

No fix or solution has been offered as of yet.

Ian D’Costa is a correspondent with Gear Scout whose work has been featured with We Are The Mighty, The Aviationist, and Business Insider. An avid outdoorsman, Ian is also a guns and gear enthusiast.

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