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Oftentimes, with footwear, you have to pick function or comfort, and when you pick one, you give up the other.

It’s a sucky choice, but Indestructible Shoes has a line of kicks that may help you avoid having to make that choice in the first place.

The Ryder Green shoes are a solution for just about every need a guy could have. Think of these as the only shoes you need for work and play. Whether you’re taking a long hike on a local trail, you’re working in a warehouse moving stuff around, or you are running errands, the Ryder Green can handle it all.

These shoes are tough enough, thanks to military-grade Kevlar, and also have a European-style steel toe – for those times when some idiot decides your foot is the perfect thing for their shopping cart to run over. The sole is also tough enough for those times you run over a bed of nails that somebody forgot to pick up after making some range improvements.

If you’re thinking all this ruggedness adds up to a shoe that’s not very comfortable, you’d be wrong. For starters, this toughness is not heavy. In fact, it comes in at under one pound. It’s also flexible. How flexible? You can twist it in your hands.

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The shoe’s flexibility distributes your body weight across the entire foot. This shoe also has a cushioning midsole, helping to create a roomy toe box for all-day comfort.

But the most important comfort feature in the Ryder Green is the breathable flymesh which helps cool your feet, avoiding the awkward moment where you manage to gross out everyone with sweaty, smelly feet when you take the shoes off.

Finally, these shoes also offer convenience. They come with an incredible time-saver: No-tie laces, thanks to an optional add-on. This is all for the price of $79. The Ryder line of shoes also come in black and gray for men, while the Ryder Pink is available for women.

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