Of all the accessories you can attach to your keychain, choose something that's incredibly useful in performing everyday tasks. The Pocket Samurai Titanium Keychain Knife is loaded with functionality to make your life easier. From blades to a money clip, this portable tool is the perfect addition to your keychain!

Many years have passed since Samurais held power, but their legacy still lives on in the form of this keychain knife. Welded from Grade 5 titanium, the Pocket Samurai Titanium Keychain Knife has a 440C stainless steel Tanto blade shaped like a katana. It's beautifully crafted and slices through hard surfaces with ease. Use it to open boxes, cut ropes, or anything you wish.

What's especially convenient about the Pocket Samurai Titanium Keychain Knife is the portability. It's extremely compact and weighs less than 1 oz. You can easily snap it onto your keychain and bring it everywhere. There's even a pocket and money clip for you utilize.

Choose between either black or gray for the Pocket Samurai Titanium Keychain Knife. For a limited time, it's yours for just $29.99, which is 25% off the original price!

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