Everything of value is stored in your house, but is your house truly secure from thieves and criminals? If you take your home security seriously, there's no better protection for your front door than the HAVEN Mech Door Lock. Over 10 times stronger than a deadbolt, this door lock is designed to keep intruders out.

The HAVEN Mech Door Lock is not just any ordinary lock for your front door. This thing was designed and tested by U.S. Special Ops veterans who care very deeply about keeping Americans safe and secure. The HAVEN Mech Door Lock operates by fortifying the base of your door, which is actually its strongest point. Mounted at the base, this lock is foot-activated and utilizes a unique locking wedge system. Any impact directed at breaking down the door will be absorbed by the wedge.

The door lock is easy to install and use. Once it’s set up, all you have to do to engage the lock is step on the foot pedal. It’s even child-proof thanks to the specific foot pedal calibrations that only allow adults to activate.

Keep your house protected from intruders with the HAVEN Mech Door Lock. At 25% off, this lock will only cost you $134.99!

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