The only ‘bulletproof’ glass set to properly enjoy your favorite drink

In order to properly enjoy alcohol, you need to have the right glasses. Cheap drugstore glasses are no way to enjoy your aged spirits. Your favorite whiskey and scotch will taste just that much better when served in the BenShot "Bulletproof" Rocks Glass Gift Set. Embedded with a real .308 copper bullet, these glasses are the real deal!

There's only one glass set in the world that has the stopping power to contain and trap a .308 copper bullet. No matter what alcohol you choose to serve with the BenShot "Bulletproof" Rocks Glass Gift Set, it'll pack some real heat.

Every glass in this set is handcrafted with pride out of USA, specifically from the beautiful state of Wisconsin. The marksmanship and attention to detail in every glass is superb. If you look closely, you'll also notice that each glass is completely unique due to the handcrafted nature. This glass set serves as a perfect gift for family and friends, and it'll definitely impress any guests at cocktail parties.

Take advantage of this limited-time deal and get the BenShot “Bulletproof” Rocks Glass Gift Set today for 11% off the original price. It’s yours for the low price of $35.50

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