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Just two dudes chattin’ about what they love ... tactical sh*t.

Each week, co-hosts Christian Lowe and Chris Cleary highlight new developments in tactical firearms, gear, training and tacticoolness. They’re both semi-serious competitors and zombie killing shooters who finish solidly in the middle of the pack — but they always look good doing it.

Chris is a former Navy intel officer with some stints helping out America’s clandestine warriors. And since Christian has been a military reporter covering the tactical industry for nearly 20 years, he has a pretty good sense of what what works and what sucks so you don’t waste your hard-earned cash on the latest piece of cool-guy gear.

Fudds need not apply.

In every episode of the GearScout podcast, listeners will get up-to-the-minute news on the most influential developments in the tactical industry — things that will make a difference for the men and women at the pointy end of the spear and for listeners like you who take personal defense seriously.

In the “Under the Rug” segment, Chris and Christian talk about shooting or tactical gear they’ve got their eye on — stuff that might just need a little creative accounting to hide from the household budget.

When Chris and Christian start talking about “Killing Zombies,” it’s all about training — what they shot, where they shot, who they learned from and what tools they’ve found to help give them the edge when the sh*t hits the fan and they have to go full tactical.

It’s fun, it’s salty, it’s for the everyman member of the Tacticult who wants to keep up with the latest developments, shoot the sh*t with a fellow addict and maybe learn a little.

And who knows, they might even talk about beer they’ve discovered from a tactifriendly brewery.

So head over to your favorite podcast app. Get subscribed. Drop a review. Or come here and download and listen to the GearScout podcast. New episodes will be posted every Tuesday.

Just two dudes talking guns, gear and tactical sh*t...what else do you need anyway?

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