Billed as a modern-day bayonet by its creators, the Gripknife is a vertical grip for firearms that doubles as a deployable knife for CQB or survival use.

The Gripknife is a two-piece system, which consists of a Picatinny rail-mounted sheath, and the knife itself. While the knife is situated within the rail-mounted sheath, the GripKnife functions as a vertical grip with a mounted length of 5.5 inches.

A button on the sheath releases the knife, which immediately deploys an OTF (Out-The-Front) style blade from the handle for immediate use. The spear point, single edge blade is made of M2 High Speed Steel, coming in at 4″ of length, with a durable, wear and corrosion-resistant black nitride finish.

The blade is retained in place by a Linear Cam style lock engineered from scratch by Gripknife to handle extreme forces beyond those of typical collapsible knife designs.

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This lock is made of 17-4 stainless steel, precipitation hardened, with a wear and corrosion resistant premium protective coating. The grip itself is made of Zytel, colored black, with a 60 grid handle texture for positive retention.

A button on the grip releases the lock on the knife, allowing it to stow back within its housing for reattachment to the weapon-mounted sheath.

The flagship Gripknife model, the Patriot, is currently available direct from Gripknife for $495. A smaller, lightweight Defender model is available for pre-order on Gripknife’s website for $290.

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