"What is Adam DeVine doing here right now?"

Comedian and actor Adam DeVine made a stop at Walter Reed's USO Warrior and Family Center this week ahead of his participation in the World's Biggest USO Tour in D.C. Some service members were absolutely shocked to see their favorite comedian just steps away. (Jillian Angeline/Military Times)

Troops at the USO Warrior and Family Center at Walter Reed were treated Tuesday when actor and comedian Adam DeVine made an unannounced visit to “bro down” with service members ahead of Wednesday night’s USO show in Washington.

The “Workaholics,” “Pitch Perfect" and “Modern Family” star took photos and had lunch with the unsuspecting troops, many of whom were doing double-takes before realizing who was sitting next to them.

“What is Adam DeVine doing here right now?” said Benton Weeks, a senior cadet at West Point who sat down for lunch with the actor. “I asked him what kind of stuff he’s working on right now, what he was doing here, where the other ['Workaholics'] boys were. [He’s] about as chill as you’d imagine he’d be in person."

The double-takes are something DeVine is used to, he said, despite a run of success that has included being cast in films with actors like Robert De Niro, Zac Efron and James Franco.

“I feel like when people see me, they have to take a double-take, because I just look like a friend of theirs from high school,” DeVine joked. “I feel like no one realizes I’m an actor who’s in movies and TV, and they just think I’m their long-lost eighth grade buddy.”

Instantly recognizable or not, DeVine’s brand of comedy resonates with those in uniform

“It’s just my kinda humor,” said Air Force Lt. Craig Schadewald. “He’s got a direct line to my funny bone.”

Schadewald isn’t alone in that regard. Less than a year ago, DeVine went on his first USO tour, spreading rib cramp-inducing laughter wherever he went.

“I actually went on a USO Christmas tour with the chairman, Gen. Dunford himself, and it was an insane experience,” DeVine said. “You know, you’re in Iraq on Christmas day and seeing these kids away from their families, and you’re like, ‘Oh, this does mean a lot to them.’ It’s just kind of a little way to give back. It was pretty surreal being over there and actually seeing people on the ground and seeing what they have to go through every day."

Spending holidays or taking time to simply hang out with service members isn’t lost on those who have had the chance to meet the 34-year-old actor.

“That’s definitely something that a lot of people aren’t willing to do,” said Army Capt. Tonesha Sorrell. “That’s great that he wants to help out the military and raise some morale.”

DeVine will be performing for troops and their families Sept. 12, along with country music duo Florida Georgia Line and celebrity chef Robert Irvine, as part of “The World’s Biggest USO Tour."