“Ferraris are known for being super fast, super foreign and super Italian.”

“So we thought we’d make this car feel more comfortable on American streets by making it the most American Ferrari ever.”

James Pumphrey of Donut Media, a digital media outlet and YouTube channel for automotive enthusiasts, had a few things on his “add” list to help soup-up this red Ferrari’s decor with “American" things: Horses. Wheat fields. Mountains. #Buffhorses. "The Statue of Liberty on a hang glider with lasers coming out of her eyes.”

What he and his team ended up with was a Speedo-ed George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln punching a bear in the face. Can it get any more American than that, folks?

Though this makeover might be a prank ― we don’t think any Ferraris were harmed in the making of this American goodness ― there is still time to try to win your own Ferrari 488 GTB, with taxes and shipping included.

Donut Media has paired with online fundraising platform Omaze to help sell tickets to raffle off the vehicle until Tuesday night.

Some proceeds from each entry go to benefit Folds of Valor, a nonprofit providing educational scholarships to the spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled troops.

The Ferrari comes plain. But, if you win, Pumphrey might show up and make your Ferrari “American” for you, too.

“And if you win it, I’ll come and wrap it just like this,” he said. “... If you want. But if you don’t, I understand."

Andrea Scott is editor of Marine Corps Times. On Twitter: _andreascott.

Andrea Scott is editor of Marine Corps Times.

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