A military convoy cruising through Virginia Beach confronted an unexpected delay at a busy intersection Monday when one of its vehicles decided to (unsuccessfully) challenge the clearly-displayed height restriction of an overpass.

Despite attempting to adhere to applicable advice by esteemed convoy expert and wordsmith, Ludacris, multiple attempts by the vehicle to roll out were unsuccessful.

Be the one to lodge a vehicle under an overpass and supply safety brief orators everywhere with more ammunition.

“If driving a 13-foot-tall vehicle, don’t try to drive under an overpass with a maximum height restriction of 12 feet, good to go?”

The incident, which reportedly occurred just before noon on London Bridge Road, created a multi-lane blockade.

Virginia State Police and personnel from the Virginia Department of Transportation were soon on scene, attempting to decipher the age-old square-peg-in-a-round-hole conundrum while unsuccessfully trying to locate where common sense had disappeared to.

Authorities have yet to search the supply shop — where it could very well be hiding right under the grid squares, next to the flux capacitor, inside the can of beep.

No injuries were reported outside of the seriously injured pride of the driver, the A-driver, the vehicle commander, the convoy commander, the entire military, and every single one of our forefathers.

A feed showing the head-scratching hold up was posted by Virginia Beach’s WAVY News 10.

Here's a live look at London Bridge Road in Virginia Beach, where a military truck has gotten stuck under overpass. The northbound lanes of London Bridge have been closed. Coverage: http://bit.ly/2WHDilB

Posted by WAVY TV 10 on Monday, June 3, 2019

No word has emerged as to how the vehicle was freed.

Godspeed to the driver for the inevitable ass-chewing of a lifetime that ensued.