Cormack McCarthy painted a pretty terrible picture of what the world might look like in the event of a nuclear holocaust. In “The Road,” he imagines a dark world, devoid of food, water, shelter or human contact, really.

But if you’re a prepper who happens to have a couple million dollars and don’t mind living in Kansas, the end of the world might not be all that bleak.

The “Survival Condo” is a missile silo outside Kansas City that has been converted into a luxury resort where you can ride out the apocalypse in style.

Formerly an Atlas Missile silo, the Air Force’s first-generation of ICBM complexes constructed in the 1960s, this refurbished bunker has been turned into a luxury condominium complex that will have residents wondering if it’s the end of the world or the start of a beautiful vacation.

Housed 200 feet underground, the 15-floor condo is designed to withstand a 10-kiloton nuclear warhead, according to KDKA-TV, the CBS Pittsburgh affiliate.

The bunker is equipped with everything from a hydroponic farm and a medical bay to a bar and library. There’s also a pool where residents can mindlessly float, hundreds of feet away from anything resembling doomsday.

According to the Survival Condo site, the complex can sustainably house up to 75 people for five years.

And you can ensure your survival for a meager $1.5 million, which will buy a comfortable half-floor condo suite, where you can live happily ever after with three to five of your loved ones while the rest of the world is left a smoldering pile of ash.

“This project has the advantages of letting the members own a piece of history, the coolness of a missile base, the protection of a nuclear hardened bunker, and the features of a luxury condo,” according to Larry Hall, owner of Survival Condo.

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