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Need a date night idea? Try MREs

It’s cuffing season folks, and you know what that means? Date night.

Coming up with new and innovative ways to keep your lover entertained during these cold winter months can be difficult. It’s a global pandemic, after all. What’s more, dates can be expensive.

Lucky for you, Meals Ready to Eat are cheap, just like you. So if you’re a service member who sucks at cooking, and your girlfriend has taste in food that’s as unrefined as her taste in men, you can give her the lukewarm dinner of her dreams — all without ever having to leave the barracks.

At least, that’s what these TikTokers did.

Things look pretty steamy for this couple. Oh wait, that’s just the heater. Well, at least it looks like his girlfriend is enjoying her bag of mushy rice.


My husband showing how to make an MRE pt 1! Pt 2 posting directly after! ##fun ##married ##military ##mre ##food ##cooking ##howto @ballshaq1300

♬ original sound - DaintyElf

These brave souls also opted for the chicken burrito bowl, which sounds good in theory. However, the repercussions of inhaling such fare are far from romantic. Unless of course your goal is to turn yourself into a woodwind instrument and serenade her with the dulcet tones of your flatulence. In that case, mission accomplished.

Though not everyone is so thrilled by the idea of MRE date night. At least, like the good duet soldier mentions, “he fed you.” Guess that guy swung for the fences and came up a little short.

But what’s love without a little risk?

Just don’t be surprised at your girl’s disappointment if you say you’re getting her “a rock or something” and break out a food heater instead of a diamond ring.

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