As we watch the proverbial sands of time drain from our lives, what better way to mark that passage than with a calendar featuring oversized cats?

That’s what the Army Corps of Engineers over in the Portland District thought, too. So, it published a 2023 calendar featuring big infrastructure projects as the setting for even bigger cats.

Public affairs specialist Chris Gaylord has been working on this “pet project” for three years, according to Today. And now, it’s part of the public domain, so anyone who wants a copy can get their paws on it.

“Engineering is not that exciting,” Gaylord said. “I hope people realize ... wrapped up in the loving embrace of this calendar is the reminder that we don’t take people’s attention for granted. We have things to say and messages to communicate, but we’re always going to strive to do that in a way that feels enjoyable and not bland and boring.”

The 12 calendar months feature images of Oregon construction efforts punctuated by felines that appear to be on the verge of generating real ... CATastrophes. Gaylord also took the step to add clever captions for an extra layer of fun.

Access the calendar on the USACE publications page ... right meow.

Next year, Gaylord told Today that he plans to add canines and make it rain cats and dogs.

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