Artificial intelligence can be used to do some pretty terrible things. From identity theft to deep fakes, there’s seemingly no limit to the havoc AI can create.

However, rendering “The Muppets” as soldiers in America’s famous wars has proven a particularly redeeming endeavor for an AI art generator.

A TikTok user called “Portraits of the Past” posted several AI stills lampooning “banned” movies from “The Muppets Studio,” wherein the world’s favorite fuzzy puppets fight in America’s wars with stunning and hilariously accurate, though uncouth, detail.

“Released in 1989, The Muppets Go To Vietnam was quickly pulled from theaters and banned worldwide for its inaccurate and inappropriate portrayal of the Vietnam War,” according to the caption on the Vietnam post.

There is also a set of stills from a WWII rendition, featuring Muppets from the 29th Infantry Division in Normandy and during the Battle of the Bulge as they “liberate countries from the axis powers.”

Last and perhaps best, however, is the Muppets in Fallujah, which feature all-too-real scenes of carnage in the streets of Iraq.

‘Til Valhalla, Sgt. Kermit.

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