GI Film Festival Trailer Wars: 'Operation Route 66' vs. '55 Days'

Before the movie, we see the trailers. And before the GI Film Festival, we fight the Trailer Wars.

Fans of military cinema will have to wait until late May for the festival to select this year's "Best of Fest" honorees, but voting opens now to choose the best trailer among 16 selected by GIFF officials. Head-to-head votes will run throughout April and into May, with the winner announced shortly before the festival kicks off.

Our first matchup pits "Operation Route 66" against "55 Days" -- scroll down to see the trailers and to vote, but don't delay: The vote ends Monday, when a new Trailer Wars matchup is announced.

Operation Route 66 Trailer

A family with no ties to the military realize 150 veterans returning home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are dying weekly by their own hands. Their love for America and a curiosity to learn about the struggles of the returning combat veteran compel them to travel through the heart of the country to meet and thank returning veterans. The decision to use motorcycles across Route 66 provides the visceral connection to the landscape and the Americans they meet. This film is their love letter to both.

55 Days Trailer

55 Days is a documentary film about the lasting effects of war. Set in present day Arizona where Sharri Regalado, 27, and her six-year-old daughter, Jaimie, live. The film is an inward emotional journey through the past 6 years of Sharri’s memories during which her husband, Jose, a Sargent in the U.S. Army was deployed to Iraq, their daughter was born, and only months later, Jose was killed.

Vote for your favorite trailer below, and learn more about these films and other festival selections here.

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