We've reached the next-to-last battle in our Trailer Wars contest, where two films will face off for a spot in a championship showdown that will crown the best trailer among entrants in this year's GI Film Festival.

Below, please check out the trailers for "Charlie & Sam" and "American Veteran," two films that will be screened at the festival in Washington, D.C., later this month. Then scroll down and click on the appropriate image in our poll to cast your ballot.  

Charlie & Sam Trailer

In 2016, fewer than 5% of American WWII veterans remain alive. Follow 97 year old WWII Naval Aviator Charlie Edwards as he travels to meet his old squadronmate Sam Takis for a final farewell — the first time they’ll have seen each other since the end of the war.

American Veteran Trailer

America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have created a new population of American veterans: service members so severely disabled they would have died in previous wars, but because of advanced medical technology they survive. We’ve figured out how to keep them alive and bring them back home, but what then?

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The winner will take on "The Colonel," which cruised to a semifinal-round win over "A War Within" in the most-voted-upon contest of the tournament so far.

Share your favorite with your social media followers, but act fast: The poll closes Friday, when our final showdown begins.

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