There's nothing worse than a dirty bike.

Sure, it takes time to wash it and dry it, then wax and polish it, but there's something very spiritual about the whole process (at least there can be). Dropping it off somewhere or hiring a mobile detailing service is also an option for some folks, but we're all about taking pride in your ride — so roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Luckily, you won't be doing it all alone, as we have spoken to a few leading professionals in the game of motorcycle cleanliness, and they've recommended some products that will help make washing your bike less of a pain. Feeling motivated yet?

Bel-Ray Bike Wash

This wash can wipe all of your motorcycle's painted, rubber, and plastic surfaces clean of dust, dirt and grime. It can also be used on chrome, aluminum, and other alloy wheels, so this one single spray can tackle multiple jobs. You can even use it to clean off oil and greasy residue from engines, machinery, tools, and other stuff that gets cruddy around the garage.

Indian Motorcycle cleaning and polishing towels

Indian Motorcycle's package comes with two towels to better suit your needs so you can always be covered. P.S.: these awesome cleaning and polishing towels work on any make motorcycle, vehicle, or anything else that needs a good wipe down (just in case you were wondering).

Harley-Davidson bike wash kit

This kit from Harley-Davidson comes complete with a bug remover spray and Sunwash concentrated cleaner that will rid your motorcycle's surfaces of all crud, dust and splattered insect guts. A quality wool-blended wash mitt is also included, as is a soft detailing pad, towel, and microfiber detailing cloth. Get ready for the road and/or show with products specially designed to thoroughly wash your bike's grime away.

Wizards Products 12mm Big Throw Mini Polisher/Scratch & Swirl Removal Kit

With Wizards Products' 12mm Big Throw Polisher, you can get professional results with the removal of swirls and scratches right at home. For optimal results, pair the polisher with Wizards Products' Scratch and Swirl removal kit, which contains 8-ounce bottles of Mystic Nano Wax and Mystic Cut formulas, as well as two 3-inch microfiber cutting pads and one 3-inch foam polishing pad to give your bike's existing paint a complete rejuvenation.

S100 Total Cycle Cleaner

What this stuff does is seek those hidden pockets of dirt that either your eyes can't spot or your hands can't reach without having to tear your bike apart. Think of it as taking the extra time to thoroughly floss after a good brushing.

Properly cleansing every crevice of your bike will help avoid the corrosion, rust, and tarnish that you wouldn't even know is taking place. Get a complete clean that you can feel with S100's Total Cycle Cleaner system.

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