As this year’s Army-Navy game nears, Big Navy and CBS are looking for sailors and Marines to send in “spirit spots” that could air during the Dec. 10 gridiron showdown.

The submissions should be sent to the Navy Office of Information, which will then forward them along to CBS, the station airing the game, according to a Navy message released Friday by Rear Adm. Ryan Perry, the Navy’s chief of information.

While there is no guarantee CBS will use a random sailor or Marine’s video, your submission might be broadcast, played within Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, or in other ways that CBS Sports deems fit.

Seaman Timmy, Navy social media influencers and other members of the fleet will need to abide by some ground rules when submitting their spot, and CHINFO and the Defense Media Activity plan to “push selected spirit spots” to other media outlets.

“We want videos to help connect the American public with their Navy,” Perry wrote. “Highlight why the Navy and Marine Corps are important to our nation.”

Big Navy really wants to see spirit spots from forward-deployed locations where sailors and Marines are playing “an active role in world affairs, global security and national economic prosperity,” Perry wrote.

Perry wants videos that also show “development of strong leaders,” as well as spots that showcase “enthusiasm, humor, creativity, diversity and motivation,” as well as segments that reflect how the services allow the ranks to see the world.

Perry does not want military jargon or acronyms, groups shouting out a message or parodies.

CHINFO also asks that you not reference any Navy bad news.

“Be aware of what’s going on elsewhere in the Navy and be careful to not accidentally stray into topics that are attracting negative attention,” the message states.

Don’t submit anything with copyrighted media, sensitive material, “official or implied endorsements” or “gratuitous violence,” Perry wrote.

Also on the no-no list: “potentially divisive language such as ‘man up.’ ”

“Inclusion of Naval Academy graduates, unique locations, forward deployed locations, and underway scenes are good,” Perry wrote. “Highlighting new platforms and unique naval capabilities is also desirable.”

Don’t use music and mind your pacing as well, and aim for a spot in the 20 to 25-second range, he wrote, and Google how to frame a shot so it’s not just you and your shipmates’ heads with no bodies.

Videos need to be in by Dec. 5.

Go to this link to learn more about submitting and other guidelines.

“Let’s highlight Navy teamwork and the spirit of our Sailors and Marines forward deployed around the world,” Perry wrote. “Go Navy, Beat Army!”

Geoff is the editor of Navy Times, but he still loves writing stories. He covered Iraq and Afghanistan extensively and was a reporter at the Chicago Tribune. He welcomes any and all kinds of tips at

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