A team of filmmakers vow to break down the stigma and stereotypes associated with post-traumatic stress disorder among veterans with a new documentary showcasing the success stories of those who've broken through the fog after war.

"We believe that the mainstream media has chosen to go with stories that have shock value, rather than telling the stories of veterans who deal with the disorder but still lead highly productive lives," said Derek Brown, director of "The Face of PTSD," now in preproduction.

"This has created a mischaracterization of those with the disorder as violent, abusive, or addicted. We will show how that mischaracterization is a leading cause for veterans not seeking treatment, and thus further perpetuating the problem."

That's not to say those who are dealing with PTSD haven't gone through hard times, Brown said. But "despite those challenges, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We want to bring awareness to the causes of the stigma surrounding the disorder in order to promote a message of treatment rather than judgment."

Brown's crew is adopting the hashtag #treatmentNOTjudgement as the rallying cry for the movie. He says much of the film will delve into alternative ways veterans are finding help in managing and even overcoming PTSD.

The feature-length film is being produced by New Jersey-based Malka Media, which has launched an Indigogo Indiegogo campaign to help crowdfund the project. The money will be used to cover the expenses of interviewing veterans and experts across the country. 

Meanwhile, two veterans veteran’s charities, "Backpacks for Life" and "Soldier’s Soldiers' Angels,", are partnered with the production, including special incentives for donations within the Indiegogo donation tiers. 

Brown says he was inspired to create the film after a trip downrange with Army veteran Colin Wayne Erwin, who was on a USO tour at the time.

Erwin suffers from PTSD after a 2012 rocket attack in Iraq left him with severe injuries. He’s gone on to become an elite fitness model, as well as founding his own patriotic-themed sign company in Alabama.

Erwin will be among those featured in "The Face of PTSD."

"Once I got to know his story, and the things he had to overcome, I knew we had to make this film," says Brown said.

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