Last week, a senior at El Rancho High School in Southern California, the proud son of a United States Marine, posted video footage of his government teacher berating him for wearing a sweatshirt celebrating the Corps.

During the five-minute tirade, Gregory Salcido calls service members “dumb sh*ts” and “the freaking lowest of our low,” and repeatedly insults their intelligence and capability. He compares military recruiters to pimps and wonders out loud why they’re allowed to come into public schools. Finally, he tells the young man not to wear the Marine Corps sweatshirt to his class again.

During my 15 years in the Army, I served alongside some of the most hardworking and intelligent men and women that this country has to offer. Now, as a businessman and entrepreneur, I pride myself on hiring and partnering with other military veterans. Why? Because they’re some of the most passionate and innovative people in the American workforce.