Medals & Misfires

MEDAL: Taking a hard look at a modern-day draft

MEDAL: At first glance, the idea of bringing back the draft after more than 40 years seems almost ridiculous. But retired Army Maj. Gen. Dennis Laich warrants a medal for making sure the option of mandatory military service gets serious discussion and remains an subject of critical analysis for the nation’s leaders. Laich, one of the nation’s most aggressive advocates of abandoning the all-volunteer force, has spent several years making the case that conscription would be good for the military and good for the nation as a whole. And, surprisingly, a lot of people agree with him. A Military Times online survey of more than 17,000 readers find that nearly half of them supports the idea. Someone should call Capitol Hill and tell them maybe it’s not so ridiculous.

Medals & Misfires is a new opinion feature from the Military Times editorial staff. Medals signify a job well done. Misfires signify a major blunder.

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