Medals & Misfires

MEDAL: A change-of-command ceremony with a breathtaking view

MEDAL: An Army Special Forces unit in Washington state took multitasking to new heights on July 7. With one well-planned event, three dozen soldiers in a headquarters detachment carried more than 850 pounds of lumber up Granite Mountain, reaching a summit that’s more than a mile above sea level, as part of a change-of command ceremony. And it wasn’t just for PT kicks: The U.S. Forestry Service hadn’t come up with a plan to get the wood to the top of the mountain so it could be used to fix up a fire lookout tower. So, team-building? Check. Core-strength and endurance workout? Check. Community service? Check. Unit business? Check. Plus, it’s a heck of a view.

Medals & Misfires is a new opinion feature from the Military Times editorial staff. Medals signify a job well done. Misfires signify a major blunder.

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